Co-creating a SUMP for a small island city with seasonal tourism


Platanias, Greece


Develop context-specific mobility transformation pathways
Forge cross-sectoral links between transport, public services, and commerce
Create new forms of public-private partnerships and business models


Testing a tailored approach developed for smaller urban areas, Platanias is developing a SUMP and supporting implementation pathway for its cross-municipal functional area. This will seek to address mobility challenges specific to touristic island locations, including high seasonal fluctuations in mobility demand and creating links between the hinterland and urban areas.


8 Feb 2022
The importance of space and data: sustainable urban mobility planning in Platanias and Alba Iulia
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30 Nov 2021
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11 Sep 2020
SUMP-PLUS project brochure
The SUMP-PLUS booklet sets out all of the key elements of the project's work in a succint six-page product.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Development of a simplified SUMP for Platanias’s functional area using a co-creation approach and exploiting cross-sectoral learning processes.
  • Definition of an implementation pathway using smart tools and taking advantage of the momentum from this to initiate short-term mobility measures.