Project team meets in touristic island city of Platanias

9 Jun 2022

Project team meets in touristic island city of Platanias

Image: Elma Meskovic/ ICLEI Europe

On 11 - 12 May 2022 the SUMP-PLUS team finally met in person in the city lab of Platanias, Crete. The event began with a warm welcome by project coordinator Marijke De Roeck, and Platanias Mayor Ioannis Malandrakis who highlighted the importance to of a SUMP for the touristic island city due to its experiences with high levels of seasonal tourism and the related mobility challenges it faces.

The meeting sessions covered the key project concepts, insights on engaging with stakeholders, businesses and citizens, the project tools, briefings and other key project outputs, up-coming project events, project exploitation and a focus on the city labs. It also involved a local excursion to the old Church of Archangel Michael, the oldest olive tree, and an aromatic botanical garden, all while learning about the municipality's sustainable mobility plans.

Having so far carried out the project almost entirely online due to the Corona epidemic, the event enabled the project partners, above all, to tackle topics in-depth and make the most of the opportunity of meeting in person.

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