Creating a SUMP implementation pathway towards a liveable city


Klaipeda, Lithuania


Develop context-specific mobility transformation pathways
Forge cross-sectoral links between transport, public services, and commerce
Create new forms of public-private partnerships and business models


Following its adoption of an ambitious SUMP in 2018, Klaipeda is planning its SUMP implementation pathway. This will accelerate its transformation from car-dominated streetscapes to a liveable city with inclusive and green mobility.

Watch the video interview with Lina Žemaitytė (City of Klaipėda), on her  experiences within the project:

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27 Feb 2023
SUMP-PLUS success stories
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7 Feb 2023
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12 Oct 2022
10:00 - 12:00
Workshop 3: Enhancing SUMPs with a tailored implementation strategy in Alba Iulia, Romania, and Klaipeda, Lithuania

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Development of a Klaipeda SUMP Implementation Pathway and monitoring plan.
  • Implementation of specific elements of the pathway set out in the City Lab plan.