Using SUMPs to enhance smart city impact and implementation


Alba Iulia, Romania


Develop context-specific mobility transformation pathways
Forge cross-sectoral links between transport, public services, and commerce
Create new forms of public-private partnerships and business models


The medium-sized Transylvanian city of Alba Iulia is Romania’s smart city pioneer. Within SUMP-PLUS, it will seek to upscale mobility-related technology innovations as part of its SUMP implementation pathway. This will also involve transformational public transport projects.


28 Feb 2020
Laying the foundations of a new generation of SUMP cities in Lucca
In mid-February, the CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS team converged on the city of Lucca (Italy) for its second general project meeting. What followed were three...
20 Sep 2017
Alba Iulia's SUMP - Measures Map
This document displays the key measures set out in Alba Iulia's SUMP - adopted in 2017 - on a map of the city and its surroundings.
31 Oct 2014
Alba Iulia's SULP
Alba Iulia's Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan was developed in 2014 as part of its work in the ENCLOSE project.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Development of an Alba Iulia integrated pathway for implementing the SUMP and smart city concepts.
  • Devising a new integrated approach for cross-sectoral issues related to sustainable mobility in Alba Iulia.