Integrating decarbonisation strategies across health and transport


Greater Manchester, United Kingdom


Forge cross-sectoral links between transport, public services, and commerce
Create new forms of public-private partnerships and business models


In order to maximise the efficiency of investment in Greater Manchester’s health and transport sectors, cross-sectoral links need to be deepened. The approach for doing so will draw on experience gathered during COVID-19 in relation to new ways of working.


19 Jul 2021
Towards a Carbon-neutral Manchester through Collaboration between Healthcare and Transport
Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester (UK), has challenged his city to become carbon-neutral by 2038. This is a bold target, considering it is 12...
11 Sep 2020
SUMP-PLUS project brochure
The SUMP-PLUS booklet sets out all of the key elements of the project's work in a succint six-page product.
28 Feb 2020
Laying the foundations of a new generation of SUMP cities in Lucca
In mid-February, the CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS team converged on the city of Lucca (Italy) for its second general project meeting. What followed were three...

Anticipated Outcomes

  • A series of task group meetings and workshops during the project addressing both governance processes and cross-sectoral solutions development.
  • City Systems Plan comprising a summary of cross-sector data and strategy analysis, together with case studies setting out prioritised cross-sectoral solutions and outline implementation plans.