Providing seamless intermodality and non-transport solutions for a functional urban area


Antwerp, Belgium


Implement and monitor cutting-edge mobility solutions
Create new forms of public-private partnerships and business models


Antwerp will intensify its cross-boundary partnerships with surrounding municipalities in order to deliver attractive, convenient and safe intermodal travel options running from the commuter belt into the city. The objective is to bring transport services up to the quality of its award-winning intermodal journey planner.


30 Nov 2021
Transition pathways towards sustainable mobility in European cities
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12 Oct 2021
Marketplaces for mobility: partnerships for new solutions
Over the last ten years, we have seen waves of new mobility services cropping up in many of Europe’s larger cities, ranging from ride-hailing...
6 Jul 2021
Antwerp - the Walking City
Walking the streets of Antwerp has recently become quite a pleasure for many of its citizens, thanks to the ‘Living Streets’ initiative....

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Case studies on co-creation of sustainable accessibility and mobility solutions for suburban districts and strategy for replication.
  • Recommendations to the European Commission on facilitating marketplaces for MaaS solutions consistent with policy objectives for efficient transport systems, social inclusion and environmental protection.