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Conceptual Framework for Cross-Sector Links


Transport is largely a derived demand and serves the needs of producers and consumers across the various sectors of the economy. Hence, business decisions taken...

Publication Date: 25 Feb 2021

Author: Peter Jones, Emilia Smeds

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Developing Transition Pathways towards Sustainable Mobility in European Cities


To create a climate-neutral Europe and liveable cities by 2050, transitions towards sustainable urban mobility need to be accelerated. To make these goals...

Publication Date: 02 Dec 2020

Author: Emilia Smeds and Peter Jones

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CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS - CREATE as a theoretical foundation


Much of the approach being developed and applied in CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS builds on the concepts and framework developed in CREATE, a CIVITAS project that concluded...

Publication Date: 25 Aug 2020


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COVID-19 SUMP Practitioners' Briefing


This SUMP practitioners' briefing investigates how cities can respond from exiting the COVID-19 lockdown, whilst prioritising long-term goals and ambitions for...

Publication Date: 07 Jul 2020

Author: CIVITAS Initiative and SUMP-PLUS

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SUMP-PLUS City Typology


Due to the varying circumstances and mobility contexts in the European cities, the project determined the need for a city typology that enables differences...

Publication Date: 17 Jun 2020

Author: ICLEI Europe, University College London

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