D7.4 CityConsult Agency Roadmap


The CityConsult Agency that will be developed within CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS will ensure a continuing process of knowledge share, mentoring, learning, and replication – bringing together mobility experts and practitioners from diverse cities – both during and beyond the project’s lifetime.

SUMP-PLUS D7.4 – “CityConsult Agency Roadmap” - sets out the operational methodology for establishing the CityConsult Agency. More specifically, it introduces the Sharing and Learning Community as well as the CityConsult Agency and their components. It sets the target group and details the various methods and tools that will used to support the unique combination of project-activated initiatives and peer-activated interactions that will comprise the CityConsult. The document further summarises the main the input that has been or will be collected from the different Work Packages to develop the variety of tools and knowledge of the learning programme.

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2020

Author: Ana Dragutescu, Elma Meskovic & Marko Horvat, ICLEI ES