D5.1 Draft Evaluation Plan


The SUMP-PLUS evaluation approach is something closely related to “telling the story of the city” under the perspective of mobility policies development, SUMP development/implementation and adopted strategies and actions rather than measuring the impacts of implementing a specific service or system. Just one out seven of the SUMP-PLUS policy and operational activities deals with real demonstration of mobility solutions whereas the others deal with a continuous implementation of co-creation process and modification of working procedure (at strategical and operational level) which give actual impacts beyond the project itself.

It has been identified that the process evaluation method can capture the story behind CLs (lessons learnt, practices working well and practices could have been worked better, facilitating/enabling factors, etc.) as well as the mutual relationships (and impacts) among the processes and actions in CLs. Furthermore, it can be used for the wide rage of diverse actions in the CLs as well as it can be customized for specific group of similar actions (according to the project objectives).

Some specific measures implemented in the CLs can be suitable for impact evaluation: these measures will be defined (following the on-going development of CL Plan – CLsP) in collaboration with the Local Evaluation Manager taking into account also city needs and data availability.

This Deliverable specifies the process evaluation method (which has been extended based on CIVITAS SATELLITE) in terms of guidelines for data collection, elements to be assessed and scheduled timing. The CL measures selected for impact evaluation will be specified in the Individual Evaluation Plan (including evaluation indicators, data collection procedures
and timing) in D5.2 – Final Evaluation Plan.

Publication Date: 04 Nov 2020

Author: Eleonora Ercoli, Giorgio Ambrosino, Claudio Disperati & Andrea Lorenzini (MemEx)