D4.2 SUMP-PLUS Engagement Strategies


The main aim of the present deliverable is to define the engagement strategies for the partner cities as part of their SUMP-PLUS activities. The project proposes an integrated and comprehensive approach to stakeholder and citizen engagement, implemented through three specific instruments: Mobility Forum, City Integrator, and Citizen Engagement Platform. These instruments allow the engagement of various types of stakeholders in mobility
planning and implementation: institutional actors, private businesses, NGOs and advocacy groups, as well as the general public. The individual engagement plans set out the way each city uses these instruments, their main engagement activities and a relevant timeline, aims of these activities, stakeholders to be involved, expected outcomes, cross-fertilisation activities, and monitoring. Integration aspects in the general conceptual framework of the project are discussed.

Publication Date: 23 Feb 2020

Author: Lucia Cristea & Lucian Zagan (EIP)