D1.5 The SUMP PLUS Action and Budget Tracker


SUMP PLUS is piloting an Action and Budget Tracker and integrated Financial Framework Tool (FFT) to support city authorities when they undertake SUMP Guideline Activities 8.2 ‘identify funding sources and assess financial capabilities’ and 8.3 ‘agree priorities, responsibilities and timeline’. Design of the integrated FFT and Tracker Tool has been informed by the prior experience of project partners with respect to infrastructure implementation planning, as well as workshops undertaken in relation to the SUMP PLUS Klaipeda City Laboratory. This deliverable describes the main characteristics and format of the tool that has been developed at this stage of the project, and sets out the process for how further testing and refinement of the tool will be undertaken in the context of City Laboratories. The integrated tool has been developed in spreadsheet form, while a GIS version of the Tracker element is also being tested, with the aim that provision of online mapping of SUMP measures (including information on their implementation status) will help facilitate communication between departments and sectors.

Publication Date: 26 Nov 2021

Author: Tim Durant (Vectos)