Carbon Reduction Strategy Support Tool


The transition to achieve net-zero carbon targets by 2050 requires radical and urgent change to existing policies. However, cities often lack the knowledge and expertise to understand how different scales and timings of policy strategies impact on carbon emissions, especially when dealing with such long timescales as up to 2050.

The Carbon Reduction Strategy Support Tool has been developed to fill that knowledge gap and assist cities in identifying a suitable mix of high-level policy strategies, and their timings, that will achieve carbon targets while also respecting and supporting the other objectives that cities are looking to deliver.

The tool provides a 'backcasting' frame to identify strategies needed to reach the desired future, rather than 'forecasting' from the current situation. It is useful for cities as a stakeholder and political engagement tool to help inform workshop discussions and decision making when developing their long-term policy strategies and defining transition pathways to net-zero carbon.

The Carbon Reduction Strategy Support Tool is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. To use the tool, please download it by clicking the "Tool" button on the right.

Publication Date: 16 Jul 2022

Author: Steve Wright (VECTOS/SLR)