10 years of mobility trends in Antwerp revealed

26 May 2021

10 years of mobility trends in Antwerp revealed

Antwerp - a liveable city by "Stad Antwerpen"

A new e-publication reviews how mobility trends have developed over the last decade in SUMP-PLUS city Antwerp (Belgium). This time period saw numerous important transitions occur, each of which has affected the city's mobility. At the same time, several other factors have influenced and driven these transition.

These have included demographic growth, technological progress, large investments in mobility infrastructure, shifting preferences towards the sharing economy and shared mobility in particular, growing awareness of the issues related to traffic and climate, new consultation bodies involving citizens and authorities, and even a pandemic.

To help the city achieve its desired mobility vision and make the streets more suited to people, Antwerp is working with various stakeholders, including citizens, partners, local authorities, stakeholders and companies. Technology is also playing an important role in this mission. By offering a broad selection of transport opportunities and making them accessible, users are being helped to make conscious and reasoned modal choices.

Meanwhile, mobility data is helping Belgium’s second largest city to take mobility in a more efficient direction. The rate of innovation in technology is going ever faster, and this will continue. By learning from the past, Antwerp is preparing for the future.

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