Additional support for sustainable logistics in Antwerp through SUMP-PLUS

2 Dec 2020

Additional support for sustainable logistics in Antwerp through SUMP-PLUS


The Belgian port city of Antwerp is a lively place with lots of economic activity. Purchases and sales of goods via the Internet are seeing high growth, leading to logistical transport of all shapes and sizes. Whilst good for economic growth, this increased activity poses some mobility-related challenges.

For this reason, the City of Antwerp put out a call in July 2020 to promote existing logistical services among local traders, apply new logistical solutions, and make existing partnerships more efficient and sustainable. The call forms part of the Belgian city’s work under SUMP-PLUS.

In total, six projects have been selected for further support. They will receive active guidance from Smart Ways to Antwerp, visibility and awareness among potential partners and customers, and if necessary a financial allowance (linked to results). Read more on them below.


Bycyckel focuses on making commercial service provision in the inner city more sustainable through the use of electric cargo bikes for service companies, such as the Court of Antwerp, thuiszorg vleminckveld and Manus VZW.

Cargo Velo

With the Velopack Antwerp project, bicycle courier service Cargo Velo is responding to the sharp rise in demand for home deliveries for online purchases. With this project, Cargo Velo is aiming for a ‘slow but focused’ approach, whereby (online) stores can sign up for their packages to be delivered in a limited number of fixed timeslots (as opposed to deliveries as soon as possible). Orders are saved up during the week and delivered in bulk towards the weekend. 


‘Innovative Consumer Retro Logistics’ is a project from CityDepot, along with several project partners, in which they aim to make deliveries to and collections from homes (and lockers). This includes deliveries for local traders, last-mile solutions and deliveries for the service industry, such as delivering and collecting washing, food boxes, food stuffs and so on.

Mobile Locker

Mobile Locker NV is aiming to offer a package machine that, over time, all courier services can use as part of the ‘Urban locker hub for shops and companies’ project. Furthermore, all the shops in the vicinity of the package machine will get access to this service at a reduced rate, whilst their customers can pay for their deliveries at the unit.  

ON TIME Solutions

ON TIME Solutions NV will make its online platform easier to use for traders in the ‘Smart and sustainable dispatch in and from Antwerp’ project. They will also be converting bikes into cargo bikes, so more packages can be delivered. 


Lastly, CULT (Collaborative Urban Logistics and Transport) from Tri-vizor NV is a sustainable, neutral and open partnership of companies that deliver or collect goods at points of sale or residencies in Antwerp. The aim is to reduce the number of journeys by bringing together different modes of transport.

Read more on the work in the related SUMP-PLUS City Lab here.

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