Workshop 2: Accelerating zero carbon through links with trip-generating sectors in Greater Manchester, UK

14 Jul 2022

Workshop 2: Accelerating zero carbon through links with trip-generating sectors in Greater Manchester, UK

About this workshop

This workshop focuses on Greater Manchester's experiences of deepening cross-sectoral links across health and transport sectors to maximise the efficiency of investment and decarbonisation strategies. Strategies to reduce transport carbon are increasingly grouped under three headings:

  • AVOID travel: on-line substitution, lower trip frequency, shorter trips lengths;
  • SHIFT from car to active travel and public transport;
  • IMPROVE vehicle fleet (electrify) and use more efficiently.

National/international governments and industry tend to lead on adopting IMPROVE strategies; local authorities lead on SHIFT strategies (with measures ranging from cycle network provision to congestion charging), but AVOID is hardly on the policy agenda. Yet, while the underlying drivers of demand lie beyond the influence of urban authorities, they are fighting the carbon reduction challenge with ‘one hand tied behind their backs’.

Around 80% of trips and two-thirds of car mileage in England are made to destinations where the locations and forms of service and goods provision are largely under the control of non-transport public (e.g. education and health) and private (e.g. retailing and tourism) sectors. These sectors can have a strong influence on trip frequencies, on the scope for on-line substitution and on the types of locations (e.g. car-only accessibility) and trip lengths.

This workshop will draw on the findings from the EU-funded SUMP-PLUS project, focusing on the innovative work being done in Greater Manchester, in forming close links with the health sector. This goes much further than developing a hospital Travel Plan (which mainly contributes to SHIFT measures), and is resulting in that sector reviewing its health care pathways, with a view to improve patient experience AND reduce trip numbers and trip lengths.

Interested in sharing your experiences?

If any cities have similar experiences to share, in health or other sectors, you would be welcome to make a presentation. Please inform us through the specific question on presentations in the registration form.

About the series

This is the second in a series of SUMP-PLUS workshops intended to build capacity and skills, and equip the technical staff in local administrations with the ability to pass on the information and teach others about sustainable mobility-related topics. Each workshop aims to share with you key SUMP-PLUS concepts and tools that have been developed and can help you/your city in the planning/implementation of sustainable and equitable mobility systems. Additionally, they include a discussion with participants on how the tools and concepts can be transferred to and used by other cities. All cities and local authorities looking to plan and implement more sustainable and equitable urban mobility systems are invited to attend the online SUMP-PLUS workshops.

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