Workshop 1: Providing seamless inter-modality as a gateway to 'sustainable suburbs' through cross-boundary partnerships in Antwerp, Belgium

13 Jul 2022

Workshop 1: Providing seamless inter-modality as a gateway to 'sustainable suburbs' through cross-boundary partnerships in Antwerp, Belgium

Creating partnerships for intermodal and sustainable mobility

This workshop focuses on Antwerp's experiences of intensifying its cross-boundary partnerships with mobility providers (Marketplace) and employers in order to deliver attractive, convenient and safe intermodal travel options running from the commuter belt into the city.

Delivering a shift towards sustainable accessibility and mobility will involve working in partnership with a wide range of actors, including:

  • Mobility service providers, to enable intermodality, flexibility and choice
  • Major employers and businesses, who may contribute to funding their employee’s mobility and will have an interest in their efficiency, health & wellbeing
  • Property developers, that directly shape the urban environment and may also make financial contributions to mobility services

During the workshop we will explore the forms ‘partnerships’ with these three stakeholders can take, presenting findings and lessons learnt from the Antwerp SUMP PLUS City Laboratory, together with cases of how property developers contribute to delivery of sustainable mobility in the UK.

Antwerp has taken a proactive approach to fostering a thriving ‘marketplace’ that enables private mobility providers to test and upscale their services. These pilots are undertaken in the spirit of a collaborative partnership, in which the City Authority delivers support in terms of promotion, digital journey planning and provision of enabling infrastructure in the streetscape.

Additionally, the City of Antwerp has been working closely with major employers to promote sustainable mobility choices, since before, then during and after the COV19 pandemic. The method of providing Flexwork Scans will be explained during the workshop, together with the results from this work and emerging changes to the approach.

The UK has a well-established legislative framework for securing contributions towards mobility services from property developers, whether these are delivered ‘on-site’ or as financial payments towards provision. The benefits and challenges associated with this approach will also be presented.

Interested in sharing your experiences?

During a discussion session, we will be very interested to understand the approaches your city has in place for working with these three types of stakeholder, and to consider which partners should take the lead in delivering intermodal and sustainable mobility.

If any cities have experiences to share, based on their experience working with private sector mobility providers, employers and property developers, you would be welcome to make a presentation. Please inform us through the specific question on presentations in the registration form.

About the series

This is the first in a series of SUMP-PLUS workshops intended to build capacity and skills, and equip the technical staff in local administrations with the ability to pass on the information and teach others about sustainable mobility-related topics. Each workshop aims to share with you key SUMP-PLUS concepts and tools that have been developed and can help you/your city in the planning/implementation of sustainable and equitable mobility systems. Additionally, they include a discussion with participants on how the tools and concepts can be transferred to and used by other cities. All cities and local authorities looking to plan and implement more sustainable and equitable urban mobility systems are invited to attend the online SUMP-PLUS workshops.

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