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SUMP-PLUS Infographic


This infographic gives a succint overview of all the key elements of CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS.

Publication Date: 02 Sep 2020


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SUMP-PLUS project brochure


The SUMP-PLUS booklet sets out all of the key elements of the project's work in a succint six-page product.


Publication Date: 11 Sep 2020

Author: Richard Adams

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D5.1 Draft Evaluation Plan


The SUMP-PLUS evaluation approach is something closely related to “telling the story of the city” under the perspective of mobility policies development, SUMP...

Publication Date: 04 Nov 2020

Author: Eleonora Ercoli, Giorgio Ambrosino, Claudio Disperati & Andrea Lorenzini (MemEx)

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D1.2 Developing Transition Pathways towards Sustainable Mobility in European Cities


To create a climate-neutral Europe and liveable cities by 2050, transitions towards sustainable urban mobility need to be accelerated. To make these goals...

Publication Date: 02 Dec 2020

Author: Emilia Smeds and Peter Jones, UCL

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D1.4 Conceptual Framework for Cross-Sector Links


Transport is largely a derived demand and serves the needs of producers and consumers across the various sectors of the economy. Hence, business decisions taken...

Publication Date: 25 Feb 2021

Author: Peter Jones, Emilia Smeds, UCL

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